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Lamers High Tech Sytems

Lamers High Tech Systems is a leading supplier in the semi-conductor market for over three decades.
It is our mission to bring ultra high purity fluid and gas, handling and conditioning solutions to our customers,
thereby minimising total cost of ownership while maintaining high quality and reliability.
Our two main areas of focus are:
Lamers High Tech systems B.V. is located in Nijmegen (close to the German border) and has a site in Heerlen (in the south of the Netherlands).
In Germany Lamers High Tech Systems GMBH is located in Herzogenrath.

With our large number of certified orbital welders and plastics welders we are capable of handling large projects completely by ourselves.
Since May 2011, Lamers High Tech Systems has become member of the Aalberts Industries Group,
as a result of which our potential capacity has grown even further.

Current job openings / actuele vacatures: